KAHA designs - handmade jewelry made on Maui.  

 jewelry handmade on maui

About KAHA Jewelry. Each piece made by hand and all having individual charm.

About KAHA jewelry.

KAHA Jewelry has been in business for over 20 years. It was created by a Hawai'i high school art teacher. It started from an idea of combining an authentic and traditional Hawai'ian design with a product that can be worn in today's world.

Both tourists and Kama'ainas can enjoy the flavor of Hawai'i by wearing or giving a pin or a pair of earrings.

KAHA is made in Hawai'i. it has been known to frequent the ears of several women TV personalities, as well as celebrities and regular gals from teens to 90 plus!

KAHA Jewelry also has a Christmas line.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society and the Life Foundation in Hawaii.



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